The Sunrise Project will be a photography/videography collaboration. Each submission will feature photography/videography of a young couple in a sunrise setting. You are depicting fresh, new relationships. The beginning of a lifelong partnership. Be creative and expressive and promote the idea of real commitment!


  1. You must apply and be accepted in order to submit.
  2. Each accepted applicant will be given a small budget.
  3. Each submission should feature one real couple.
  4. Session should be photographed and filmed outdoors at sunrise.


  1. Still photography: 10-30 edited photos
  2. Videography: documentation of the photo event (docudrama style); 15–30 minutes

On September 1, 2017, the submission page will open. You will upload your content directly. All submissions will be published on the site with selected submissions featured on various affiliated photography/videography social media sites.